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For a fully immersive Virtual Reality 360 experience we creative films that can be viewed through VR headsets. With Samsung bringing out the Gear VR and basing their latest phones around the VR experience, the Oculus Rift and Google cardboards all allowing the user to view the film while seeming like you are part of it. Before you could show a project or service now they can experience it. Tourism based companies have jumped on this technology, we can set up interactive booths with combined elements for a full interactive experience.


Photographic assignments undertaken for campaigns for some of the worlds biggest Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and charities across the globe. 360 films can provide photo essays, stock images and document events and projects in high resolution still images.
360 Films can capture, edit and present material which capture life stories and events for publications or broadcast both within print and digitally.

360° Filming

Using a high definition 6 camera rig, allowing to produce 360°and VR films that can be viewed in every direction by simply tilting your smart phone / tablet or scrolling on your computer.
With YouTube and FaceBook allowing these type of films to be hosted within their sites making embedding and sharing these type of fully interactive videos even easier.
For low cost VR film viewing solutions 360 Films can design and distribute Google Cardboards allowing a large number of people to view your created immersive videos.

Drone Filming

Drone Filming

Tell innovative and engaging stories using aerial still and moving images. Using the latest drone technology we can produce both high resolution still images and high definition films.
360° rigs can also be attached, providing drone footage that can be viewed interactively through mobiles, tablets and computers. 360° drone footage can be viewed through VR devices such as: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Google cardboards for a fully immersive experience.


Work has taken us from London all the way to filming in remote locations such as The Democratic Republic of Congo. Producing engaging documentaries or short films for some of the worlds leading NGOs ( Non Government Organizations).
360 Films has grown into a multifaceted production co, allowing us to produce visual narrative films, other special venue projects and promotional and campaign videos for a wide range of clients.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

From International charities campaigns to brand marketing visual storytelling encourages a greater connection with the viewer when photo and/or video content is added.
360 Films provide engaging visual content through photo essays, single images, drone footage, films and now on a more interactive platform via Virtual Reality and 360° films.
Visual content helps tell stories quickly with impact and emotion. The more powerful the visual content the deeper the engagement.

"Have the Courage to Follow your Heart and Intuition.
They somehow know what you want to become."

360 Films

Laptop / Desktop

To view 360° videos on your laptop or desktop, simply use your mouse or touch pad when viewing 360 videos through websites or on social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook

Phone / Tablet

Phone / Tablet

For a full interactive experience, view the 360° videos through the YouTube app and simply move your phone or tablet and the video will literally move. This allows a full interactive experience.

VR / Google Cardboard Headsets

VR / Google Cardboard Headsets

Simply play 360° videos through the YouTube app and place your smart phone within the google cardboards for a full immersive viewing experience. Other headsets include Samsung VR and Playstation headsets. With your laptop or desktop you can view our 360° videos through headsets such as the Oculus Rift.



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